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Our Support Staff



Customer Service Representative

Our Customer Service Representative Leanne has managed our front desk for many years. From Monday to Thursday she will be your first contact with us. Leanne keeps the rest of us in line, manages our daily schedule  and generally keeps the practice running.


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Melissa loves surgical nursing and the large animal side of practice. A lifelong Hills girl, Melissa is a well rounded, experienced nurse for all seasons. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Teagan has been a member of our team for some time now as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has a passion for the surgical field and hospital patient care. Known as our crazy cat lady, she hand rears orphan kittens in her 'spare' time. Teagan is also a certified Fear Free Professional.


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie is a dressage enthusiast and caring local lady. She our resident tender heart and can be found snuggling your dogs and cats into cozy beds during and after surgery.

Our Support Team: Meet the Team


Vet Nursing Student

Our lovely Grace is over halfway through her Veterinary Nursing Certification. Expect to see her in more clinical roles in the future. If you have poultry (esp ducks) questions, Grace is your woman.


Chief Indoor Supervisor

If you ask him, JD owns this place and everyone in it. Good thing he's cute.


Chief Outdoor Supervisor

Jilly lives to be let in, and out, and in, and out all day. She is often found in the bushes near the front desk, but will sometimes hang around the cars so we ask you to wait a minute or two after starting your car before driving off.

Our Support Team: Meet the Team


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Cherilee is a recent graduate from nursing school and has also completed her Fear Free Professional training. She has owned and cared for pretty much every animal you could think of, making her a very useful person to have around.


Vet Nursing Student

Alyssa joined our team last year as a support worker. She has gone from strength to strength and we are very proud as this year she started her further education towards becoming a veterinary nurse.


Support Allstar

Benson is currently studying at university with the goal of eventually becoming a veterinarian. His practical hours with us will help towards his application and in exchange we get to work with this kind and helpful young man in a supporting role.

The Pets

The reason we do this...

Did you know that between the staff we own (are owned by?) more than 50 animals? You can often see Dr Duncan's pet donkeys and alpaca grazing around our grounds.

Our Support Team: Meet the Team

Onto new adventures!

The Staff Members Who Have Gone Before.

Anthea 1.JPG


Anthea has headed home to South Africa to further pursue her Vet Nursing career.


Sarah has graduated from Vet School and is practicing her trade in the Perth metro area.


Kelly has left mixed practice to become a mum and further pursue her interest in ultrasound.

Our Support Team: Meet the Team
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